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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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PEL Waste Reduction Equipment's range of glass bottle crushers, bin compactors and waste cardboard and plastic balers save on waste disposal costs across a wide range of industries and markets.

PEL bottle crushers, bin compactors and balers reduce waste costs in the hospitality sector


Effective management of your business waste reduces waste costs,&n...

PEL bin compactors and balers help care homes, hospitals and nursing homes save money


Waste is one of the biggest costs for the healthcare sector Red...


Smart waste solutions for schools, colleges and universities. ...


The retail sector is heavily reliant on minimising waste and keepi...


The silage wrap baler range is recommended for individual farmers,...

Waste Management

Reduced waste collections / better management of customers The ...