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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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PEL Waste Reduction Equipment's glass bottle crushers, bin compactors and balers are used by bars, restaurants and other hospitality businesses to save on space and reduce their waste disposal costs.

PEL bottle crushers, bin compactors and balers reduce waste costs in the hospitality sector

Effective management of your business waste reduces waste costs, saves staff time and improves on your customer service.

Employees time is better spent providing customer service instead of managing waste.  PEL’s broad range of waste reduction equipment is used to reduce all sources of waste throughout the hospitality sector.

The most efficient waste management practices

PEL’s range of equipment offers the most efficient waste management practices: The volume of waste is reduced which reduces the cost and frequency of collections. This saves staff time and reduces the noise and visual pollution created by waste. There is an opportunity to better utilise space for the benefit of customers and staff.

Make recycling easy in your hotel, bar, restaurant  or nightclub.

The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment products make recycling waste glass, cardboard, plastics and other waste streams easy and affordable. All glass crushed using a PEL bottle crusher can be reprocessed and recycled back into bottles. Cardboard and plastic bales produced using a PEL baler have a value and are used in the reprocessing industry. PEL’s equipment is available in all sizes and PEL guarantees’ to find a waste and recycling solution to suit your needs.

"The PEL Bin Compactor allows us to maximise the amount of weight we can get into the bin"


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Business Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Reduce Waste Costs

Increase Recycling Rates

Free up Space for Customers

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