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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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The PEL manufactured range is designed to make recycling easy, to reduce waste volume and waste costs and to free up space for more important things.

The retail sector is heavily reliant on minimising waste and keeping costs down. Having the most innovative and cost effective waste management practices in place is crucial.

The PEL manufactured range is designed to make recycling easy and convenient to reduce waste volume and reduce waste costs.

Protect your bottom line

All retailers should assess the impact waste has on their business and their bottom line. Loose cardboard and plastic along with bins that are full of air are increasing your workload, waste collections and the waste costs in your business.

The PEL bin compactor guarantees’ to reduce waste volume by 3:1.  PEL balers are available in all sizes and they produce compact manageable bales.

Benefits of baling cardboard and plastic

The benefits of baling cardboard and plastic are endless: Baled cardboard and plastic now has a value. It is used for recycling and reprocessing. It is diverted from landfill and therefore reduces your carbon footprint.

Cardboard and plastic are also a fire hazard and they can also cause an obstruction. Baling cardboard and plastic eliminates the fire hazard and creates a safer tidier working environment.

“We implemented a PEL bin compactor and achieved savings of €15,600 in one year” Robert Ward, Supervalu Donabate


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Business Advantages

Reduced Fire Hazard

Space Taken up by Waste Reduced

Turn Waste Into Value

Tidier Working Environment

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