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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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Waste Management

PEL offers the waste management industry the most cutting edge and innovative waste technology. Designed to create value for the end user, PEL's manufactured equipment is unrivaled in terms of performance, reliability and innovative technology.

Reduced waste collections / better management of customers

The PEL bin compactor compacts 3 bins into 1 which will reduce the frequency of waste collections. PEL bin compactors are versatile and easy to use. It allows for a more efficient waste management for individual customers. The optional weigh system, bi manual command and galvanised options ensures that a tailored solution will be provided to your customers.

Reduce carbon emissions

It is important to identify all areas where carbon emissions can be reduced. Reducing waste volume enables more compact and efficient waste collection and transportation.
All of the crushed glass using PEL bottle crushers is recycled and reprocessed back into bottles. PEL balers enable the reprocessing of all types of recycling materials in an efficient manner.

"We supply PEL products to our customers because we know they are the best" Pat Gaffney

AES Waste Management

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Business Advantages

Reduces Waste Collections

Bring Added Value to Customers

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Use the Most Cutting Edge Waste Technology

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