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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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5500 Mill Size Baler

The PEL5500 Mill Size Baler can produce a bale of between 350 - 500kg (Dependent on the material being baled) and is the most effective mill size baler available.

About 5500 Mill Size Baler


Mill Size Baler for cardboard and plastic

The ideal solution for wholesalers, factories and business producing high volumes of cardboard and plastic waste in the course of their commercial operations.


The mill size baler is an electric hydraulic machine and requires a three phase electical source. The PEL5500 produces a bale of up to 500kgs, is fully CE certified and is manufactured to the ISO 9001 standard. It incorporates all the standard features of a Mill Size Baler which include: 


4 wire tying for a secure bale

A fully automated bale ejector which makes bale ejection clean and simple

Retaining claws which prevent spring back

Hydraulic cylinders can be easily lowered for transport


All PEL Waste Reduction Equipment balers comply with the EN16500:2014 European safety standard for vertical balers released in spring 2015. The Standard provides guidelines on all aspects of baler operation with the main focus on preventing access to the baling or compacting chamber during operation.


PEL Baler Range (download pdf)


Connection available to

The stand out feature of the new PEL Mill Size baler is the connection to wireless devices which notifies users when a bale is full through an automated text message.

Mill Size Baler with person beside it

Fully automated bale ejector makes bale ejection clean and simple.

Mill Size Baler

Automatic cycle: A bale can be produced with the touch of a button. This requires less manpower and saves time.

Connection available to

5500 Mill Size Baler


mill size baler


Where to Use It

5500 Mill Size Baler

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Ideal solution for wholesalers, factories and producers of large volumes of card

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