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Jaws BB03 Bottle Crusher

Jaws (BB03) is the low height version of the PEL BB04 volume fed bottle crusher. It offers all the advantages of the BB04 machine but its low height and extraction system means it can fit in cellars or other areas with restricted head height.

About Jaws BB03 Bottle Crusher

Volume fed bottle crusher used in basements and cellars

Jaws (BB03) is the low height version of the PEL BB04 Mega Jaws bottle crusher and is usually located away from the main bar area. The machine reduces waste glass bottle volume by 5:1 or 80%, crushes approximately 3000 bottles per hour and comes with an attached filtration system making it suitable for use in confided spaces. 

Suitable for Use in Areas with Restricted Space and Height

The BB03 Jaws bottle crusher is ideal for use in low ceiling height areas or confined spaces with poor ventiliation.  The crushed glass is collected in a tote box holding approximately 90 bottles which when full, weighs approximately 16 Kg making it easy to remove from cellars and underground storage areas. 

Reduces Waste Glass Management & Disposal Costs

Reduces Bottle Volume by Factor of 5:1 or 80%

Glass Collection Box holds 90 Bottles

Reduces Storage Space Required for Empty Bottles

Jaws is Mobile for Ease of Movement

Waste Glass is Recyclable into New Bottles -  Click here for more details


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PEL Bottle Crusher Product Brochure (download pdf)

What happens to crushed glass (download pdf)

Jaws BB03 Footprint (download pdf)

Guide to Buying a Bottle Crusher (download pdf)


BB03 Volume fed bottle crusher BB03 1

Jaws BB03 is a volume fed bottle crusher and can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes. This frees up space used to store empty bottles.

Volume fed bottle crushers

The low overall height of the machine allows the bottle crusher to be used in confined areas where space and height are restricted.

Jaws BB03

Glass is collected into tote boxes which can hold up to 90 bottles. This makes handling waste easier and more manageable.

BB03 Volume fed bottle crusher BB03 1

Jaws BB03 Bottle Crusher


BB03 Resized 7


Where to Use It

Jaws BB03 Bottle Crusher

Jaws is used by pubs, bars and hotels to save space and reduce waste costs.

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