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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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Mega Jaws BB04 & BB06

Ideal for the hospitality or other businesses producing large quantities of waste glass bottles in the course of their business. The BB04 and BB06 Mega Jaws waste glass bottle crushers are normally located 'back-of-house' and will reduce waste glass bottle volumes by a factor of 5:1 or 80%.

About Mega Jaws BB04 & BB06

Volume fed bottle crusher

The PEL BB04 and BB06 ‘Mega Jaws’ volume fed bottle crushers can crush up to 4000 bottles per hour or 680 bottles in 10 minutes. The machines can be used indoors and outdoors with the built-in extraction system on the BB06 glass bottle crusher making it ideal for use in areas with restricted ventilation. Both machines will crush bottles up to 3L in size (47cm x 14cm diameter).


Suitable for High Volume Bottle Crushing

The BB04 and BB06 volume fed bottle crushers can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes with the waste glass being collected in a 140L wheelie bin located inside the machine. Crushing waste glass bottles eliminates the need for sorting those bottles, reduces the number of storage bins and area required for storing those bins and generates an overall saving on the costs of waste glass bottle disposal.

Reduces Waste Glass Management & Disposal Costs

Reduces Bottle Volume by Factor of 5:1 or 80%

140L Glass Collection Wheelie Bin Holds 680 Bottles

Eliminates 'Glass Clinking' Noise Pollution Associated with Glass Collections

All of the crushed glass can be recycled back into bottles. Click here for more details


The BB06 Mega Jaws bottle crusher has a built in extraction system which filters any dust created during the crushing process. This feature allows the BB06 waste glass bottle crusher to be used indoors and in confined areas where there is limited ventilation


Existing clients for the 'Mega Jaws' bottle crusher range include The Shelbourne Hotel (Dublin), The Dorchester Hotel (London), The Ritz Hotel (London) and many more leading global hotel brands such as the Radisson, Hilton and Jumeirah (Dubai) Hotel Groups.

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PEL Bottle Crusher Product Brochure (download pdf)

What happens to crushed glass (download pdf)

Mega Jaws BB06 footprint with extractor (download pdf)

Guide to Buying a Bottle Crusher (download pdf)


Volume fed bottle crusher with built in extraction system

Extraction System: filters fine dust particles created during crushing. This enables the bottle crusher to be used indoors. Available on the BB06 & BB03

Volume fed bottle crusher can crush up to 680 bottles in 10 minutes

Volume fed machine: Can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes. 680 bottles can fit into a 140 litre bin.

Volume fed bottle crusher

Volume fed machine: Rated through-put: 4,000 bottles per hour

Volume fed bottle crusher with built in extraction system

Mega Jaws BB04 & BB06




Where to Use It

Mega Jaws BB04 & BB06

Bin compactor and bottle crusher on site

Mega Jaws is used in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to reduce glass disposal

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