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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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PEL balers will bale waste paper, cardboard, plastic and other recyclable wastes into a bale weighing between 25kg and up to 500kg depending on the machine and the type of material being baled.  

Small baler, baler for cardboard and baling cardboard boxes

200 Baler

The PEL200 baler is the smallest machine in the PEL baler range and is a perfect...

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Cardboard baler, used for baling cardboard and baling plastic

700 Baler

The PEL 700 baler is used in service stations, shops and pubs and bars. The wide...

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High density baler,, baler for cardboard, plastic and baling steel drums

1500 High Density Baler

The PEL 1500 High Density Baler is an automatic baler suitable for baling waste ...

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5500 Mill Size Baler

The PEL5500 Mill Size Baler can produce a bale of between 350 - 500kg (Dependent...

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Silage Wrap Baler

PEL Silage Wrap balers: Allows farmers to keep silage wrap baled neatly....

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