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Save on Waste Disposal Costs with a PEL Baler, Bin Compactor or Bottle Crusher

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Bin Compactors

A PEL Bin Compactor will compact up to three bins into one bin which leads to cleaner, smaller and tidier waste storage areas and overall savings of up to 66% on your waste disposal costs from day 1.

240 / 360 Litre Bin Compactor

It is estimated that up to 66% of space in a bin containing loose waste is trapp...

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1100 / 660 Litre Bin Compactor

Loose waste, in whatever form takes up a lot of space and it is estimated that u...

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Bag Compactor

The PEL bag compactor allows small volumes of waste to be compacted into managea...

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PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Solar Bin Compactor

Solar Bin Compactor

The PEL1100SPBC offers all the benefits of the standard PEL1100BC along with zer...

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The SolarStreetBin™ from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment has been designed and d...

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